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Hi all,
After jetting into London with the blue sky and sun streaming down, scoffing at those types who poo-poo the English weather, we awoke last wednesday to a blanket of snow. It was the first snow of the year and we were thrilled! I immediately grabbed my faithful camera and snapped a couple of pic out of our hotel room window. I uploaded them onto my computer and onto the jump drive in order to share the images here with our faithful friends.
First snow in London

We headed out to the internet cafe and had a chat with family before heading out to look at some potential share houses (we had only 1 day left in the hotel and still no place to call home). After travelling from Acton to Camden and Wilesden Green we headed home and stopped at the pub at the end of our street for a piping hot lunch. A chicken Tikka for the wife and a steak & ale pie with peas & mash for my good self, washed down with two pints of frosty lager from the barkeep. Boy did that hit the spot!
Refreshed and re-energised jen headed out to look around and I headed to the hotel for a kip. Later that night we looked at a flat share in Parsons Green (which was very nice indeed) before heading back home and turning in.

On Thursday morning we awoke and peered out the window....no snow though. I glanced at my suitcase and noticed the expandable zip was expanded. Strange I thought. Then I noticed that the main zip was closed at one side of the case rather than in the middle ( I am a little OCD about having the 2 zip tags meeting evenly in the middle) I asked Jen if she had been into my case..."no" she replied. My stomach knotted and I feverishly threw the case on the bed and unzipped it. I had secreted my laptop and camera in my case. They were gone! "We've been robbed" I screamed. We immediately looked around the room and determined that everything had been gone through and anything of value had been taken. We called hotel management and the police. Whilst waiting for the bill to attend we made a list of what we had lost
my laptop..Jen's laptop..two MP3 players..my new camera and both lenses.. my mobile phone..my watch..leads..chargers..pretty much everything except for our clothes and what we were holding. Thankfully we were carrying our passports, cash and cards, jen's mobille and camera. We felt gutted. The police arrived and took a statement the hotel manager never arrived.

The hotel is staffed almost entirely by eastern block nationals. They are stern and unfriendly. we had joked that we were in a place run by the Russian mafia. "Could I have some toast please?" one gent asked politely at breakfast, "YOU MUST SIT DOWN" responded the russian waitress. On thi particular morning the staff were unwilling to meet our eyes.. the girl who had cleaned our room looked very dodgy indeed (clearly sufficient evidence that it was a staff conspiracy to ripoff all our stuff..I say "hang 'em high" based only on our gut instincts)

We found a new hotel, in Earls Court, and grabbed our suitcases ( now conveniently lighter and easier to handle on the tube). We went and handed in our room key and spoke to the hotel manager. We told him we were checking out 1 day early because his establishment was crap and we didn't feel safe. I asked him to refund the price of the final night...he refused. We had a short conversation about moral responsibility, ethics and decency. Jen had an even shorter conversation about dodgy staff, $8000 worth of theft and profane,unmentionable nouns. This seemed to do the trick as he agreed to our request. We hit the tube and settled in at the new place. A very, very nice man from Pakistan informed us that he had put us in a triple room with it's own bathroom and toilet at no extra charge. We were very appreciative indeed. Life is a little calmer now and we have begun the process of making an insurance claim for the lost goods.

Earls Court is really nice. Lots of options for eating and a good mix of nationalities wandering about the place. We are very happy here and are hoping to secure a place in this general area - London's south-west. We are looking forward to getting a place so we can be tourists for a couple of weeks. We are still planning to head of to Paris. We have no plans to visit Russia while we are here..we kinda have already!

Ta ta chums!

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Apparently we are first to comment on this entry. . .we feel like we have won the gold medal!! Yep, I can only imagine the expletives that came out of Jen's mouth. Adam doesn't let me say things like that!! Sounds like Russia is going to be a blast . . .

Timely reminder about security. We are much more vigilant and will remian so for the rest of our trip! Take care. . . looks cold. . .

by adamandmeg

Hi yes we can now comment.Looking forward to your next entry.Keep the photos coming.Adam said he may send photos a ifferent way due to download time.Hope the flat is comfortable and secure. ma nd pa

by davenliz

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