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March 2008


It's Czech, mate!

all seasons in one day 3 °C
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I've never met anyone who came back from Prague without raving about it, and we are no exception.

The city looks just like the sort of places I imagined when I read fantasy books as a kid - huge cathedral spires, gothic statues and gargoyles reaching out from the tops of buildings ready to pounce. Add menacing grey skies and you have a very pretty, quite unique, almost spooky city.

We arrived in Prague in the afternoon. Dave had planned our journey to the Hotel by way of public transport. 1 bus, 2 trains and 60 minutes later we were checked in. The rooms were very nice and the staff were pleasant. We fuelled up each morning with the hot complimentary breakfast and it kept us running well into the afternoon.

As is the case with most of the cities we have visited in Europe, the transport network is very good. We were able to get around very easily. Our hotel was located close to Florenc Metro station and our well set out transport map made it easy to plot a course, each day, to see the various sights.

We have had a great run of luck with regard to weather on our travels almost no rain in more than 12 months. Suffice it to say, the run came to an end in Prague. Severe storms swept through Europe and the Czech Republic was not spared. We took the finicular up a steep hill to visit the replica Eifel Tower only to be met at the top by howling winds and a massive hail storm. We managed to get around, between rainy periods, and see just about everything on our list. The sun even showed it's face for a couple of hours!

Prague is a truly beautiful city, even dressed in hues of grey. Here are some of the sights.

Statue of Jan Hus in the Old Town Square

King Wenceslas watches over Wenceslas Square

Statue of St Augustine on Charles IV Bridge

The lamenting of Christ, Charles IV Bridge


17th Century statue of the Crucifixion

Charles IV Bridge

Memorial to the victims of communism

Night view towards Prague Castle

Gargoyle at St Vitius Basilica

St Vitius Basilica

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