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Anzac Day

remembering the Anzacs in Melbourne.

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On April 25th Australia and New Zealand observes Anzac Day. In remembrance of those sons and daughters who have fallen in all conflicts. Foremost in our minds though, are the Anzacs, those who fell at Gallipoli, in Turkey. Over 8,000 Australian and 2,700 New Zealand soldiers died. For Australians and New Zealanders at home the 25th of April became the day on which they remember the sacrifice of those who died in war.

This year I found myself back in Melbourne for Anzac Day, whilst Jen remained in London. We each attended remembrance services. Myself, with Adam, at the Shrine in Melbourne and Jen on Whitehall in London.

I feel somewhat ashamed to say that this year was the first occasion I have attended the dawn service at the Shrine of Remembrance. I would encourage all Victorians to make the trip at some stage. In the 1920s, after the First World War, returned soldiers sought the comradeship they felt in the quiet, peaceful moments before dawn. With a symbolic link to the dawn landing at Gallipoli, the dawn service became the common form of remembrance on Anzac day.

Dawn service at the shrine of remembrance


It is with a sombre national pride that we pause to reflect on the sacrifice of war. Strange indeed that from this most brutal theatre, spring stories which speak of honour, decency, courage and mateship almost lost in the modern era. Many of the young men who were shipped to Europe went through a commitment to our Commonwealth, many through a sense of adventure. Only to fall on the beaches, on the Western front, or in the fields of places like Villers-Bretonneux.

Jen and I, along with Adam and Meaghan, visited France and Belgium in 2007. We visited the town of Villers-Bretonneaux, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villers-Bretonneux the location of the Australian War Memorial in France. It is a sombre place that imbued us with a sense of both sadness and national pride.

I detest war. Nobody celebrates the loss of life in conflict and this is not a day of celebration. Anzac day gives our nations time to pause and reflect on the huge number of young people who lost there lives overseas. I remember when I was 20 years old. I felt grown up and invincible. In reality I was a kid, just starting out on my life beyond childhood. Think of the 18 and 19 year old soldiers who left in droves from the cities and rural communities, bound for the war in Europe. Swapping a school uniform for a military one. Kids, prevailed upon by the Commonwealth to commit themselves to war. They should have been at home in their communities, with thier families. Instead, they gave their lives in support of families in France and Belgium.

The Australian War Memorial

In Villers-Bretonneux there is a sign which reads 'Do not forget Australia'. The people of this town know the courage and sacrifice of Australia's sons. They have their bodies in the fields which stretch out from the town. They honour them in remembrance. On April 25th join these grateful families in saying

Lest we forget.

The eternal flame

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Farewell BBQ in Mornington

sunny 30 °C

Well it was a great sunny Melbourne day for our Farewell BBQ in Mornington on Sunday (14/1/2006) which Mum and Dad put on for Stephen & I and for Adam & Meaghan who, coincidently ... embark on their own journey the very same day we do.

There were quite a few people at the BBQ over the course of the day, at one point we had around 40 people in the backyard and others coming and going right up until about 8:30pm.

The kids were a huge focus for the day given that there was family there that we hadnt seen in some time so Wendy and Dan took centre stage with 3 of their 5 munchkins and the "wheres wally brigade" (look at all those stripy shirts in the photos) clucked over them all day.

It was a great day thanks all so much for making such an effort to see us all before we head off, its much appreciated as i know some of you have travelled quite a way to catch up with us all.

Stay tuned for our update - we arrive in London in 5 days. Take Care and Keep in touch x0x Jen x0x

BBQ Collage

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Farewell Drinks @ Public House

Public House - Richmond, Victoria.

sunny 22 °C

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog. Check back here once in a while and see what we have been up to lately as we will try very hard to update everyone on whats happening and keep photos coming so you dont forget what we look like!

Well, we have started to say goodbyes. Its real now and the excitement is really setting in. We had drinks on Saturday at Richmond Public House which was a cool day and great to catch up with some great people who we each have seen a bit of recently and some who we havent seen for over 2 years.

Thanks all for coming and stay tuned for rants from our travels.

Nic & Jen

Pete, Kel & Jen

Jen, Deb & Kel

The Usual Suspects

Thanks so much for coming guys - really appreciated it. Take Care

x0x Jen x0x

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